Two things led me to Hanford. First, a series of neither satisfying or rewarding jobs that left me looking for more. And, second, a love for researching topics that I found interesting. I tripped upon Hanford at exactly the right time– at the declassification of tens of thousands of pages of historical documents about Hanford’s operations. The story that unfolded in the documents was amazing and the deeper I got, the deeper I wanted to get.

More than 20 years later, I’m still as intrigued as ever. My involvement has evolved in unexpected ways-from researcher to writer to public interest advocate to technical assistant to facilitator, I’ve always tried to play a role that is helpful. It doesn’t matter what the title is or who I’m working for, I continue to want to see us get Hanford cleaned up.   Sometimes it’s hard to see progress at Hanford, but when you look back, three, four, five or ten years, you can see we are moving forward. It gives me hope that the remaining big challenges will be overcome in the coming decades.

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