In forty years of teaching, I rarely missed an opportunity to encourage my students to engage in some volunteer activities during the term.  After all I argued, education was not restricted to the class, and learning and instruction didn’t end when one left the classroom.  Opportunities were many on campus and in the community and my students did serve as high school tutors, as student government officers and the like.  Of course since I was promoting the idea, I also felt an obligation to volunteer, and I did so.  And whether I was working as a soccer coach, a tutor on campus, in the SMART program or as a member of the Oregon Writing and English Advisory Committee, I always found volunteering to be stimulating, rewarding and necessary.

When I retired, my wife and I expanded our volunteer activities to include service projects with the Road Scholar Program, and the Multnomah Friends of the Library. I continued to tutor in the Portland Teachers Program, to serve on the PCC Library Advisory Board, and to drive for Meals on Wheels.

And when I was asked whether or not I might be interested in becoming an alternate member of the Hanford Advisory Board representing Hanford Watch, I accepted.  The organization seemed a good match for my academic interests—as an undergraduate I was a mathematics/chemistry/English major—and my experience as an instructor, department chair and division dean.

I have never regretted the decision.  The Hanford Advisory Board has consistently provided me with the opportunity to meet bright, interesting people, to explore and discuss complex cleanup issues and problems, and to shape advice that makes a difference.  In particular I enjoy working on public involvement issues and developing educational opportunities for the general public.

Steve Hudson
Hanford Watch
PIC Chair

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