I worked as an environmental consultant for 3 and half years (January 2007) providing environmental oversight, technical support, environmental data validation, field sampling and technical report preparation for RIDOLFI, Inc. I worked on the Yakama Nation Exposure Scenario as a principle interviewer; that’s how I originally got involved with the Hanford cleanup process. I’m currently working for the Yakama Nation Environmental Restoration / Waste Management (ERWM) program as a Chemist (since April 2010) doing more of the same work I did as a consultant, but with a focus on the Hanford Site and less fieldwork experience. I am the Alternate Representative to the Hanford Natural Resource Trustee Council for the Yakama Nation and the current Chair of the Source / Pathway Technical Working Group for the Natural Resource Damage Assessment.

What’s most compelling (and interesting) to me about the Hanford process is that this is a very unique site, that quite often, is an exception to the rule (CERCLA process / rules). The CERCLA process is sometimes circumvented, NRDA process has been slow, and it takes an extremely long time to get anything accomplished. Lastly, there are tons of decision documents throughout the Fiscal Year that require attention by non-federal agencies but funding seems to fall short every year to these grass roots organizations and Hanford groups trying to achieve a better cleanup of the site. I do enjoy being a part of the process though, and I hope to make a change!

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