I became involved with Hanford in mid- ’90s–going to hearings, talking with other people about it. Prior to that as a youth I protested against the Trojan plant in Rainier.

The most compelling thing to me about Hanford is the immensity of it’s threat, to the land, people, peace, social justice. It rings just about every alarm against peaceful and sustainable living on this planet. In a more personal way, I grew up swimming in the Columbia River and I feel very connected to this watershed. I therefore can’t ignore such an immense threat to the river.

I’m interested in educating myself and area inhabitants about Hanford to be able to meaningfully participate in clean-up decisions. I would like to accomplish this through the use of artistic problem solving and expression.I would be interested in all the forms of mentoring. My challenge right now is that as a full time masters student, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this.

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