KenGracieI have been working on Hanford issues on behalf of the State of Oregon since 1989.

After 11 years as a radio and television news reporter, I was hired by the Oregon Department of Energy initially to help with public information materials in the event of an accident at the Trojan nuclear power plant.  Of course, Trojan has long since been shut down.  While my responsibilities at the Oregon Department of Energy have changed over the years, to include emergency planning for radioactive material transportation, and now as the Administrator of the Nuclear Safety Division, communicating well with the public about Hanford and other nuclear issues has remained one of my strong interests.  I believe my agency has been pretty successful in doing that through the years.

I am fascinated by Hanford’s history.  I think those of us who have been involved only with the cleanup often forget about what it would have been like to make decisions about Hanford’s operations while the Cold War flared from time to time.

I enjoy opportunities to help inform people about Hanford and its history, and the very significant challenges that exist as far as completing the clean-up.  After almost 23 years of working on Hanford, there is still plenty for me to learn about Hanford and about how to better engage people with this issue.

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