Last June, I graduated from the University of Washington with a Master’s in Social Work focusing on community organizing and mentorship.  I am also studying documentary filmmaking.  I am a part-time employee with Hanford Challenge.  I was initially drawn to the Inheriting Hanford mentorship project due to my colliding interests in mentorship and environmental stewardship.

The most compelling arena of Hanford to me is the diversity of the stakeholders, from Yakama tribal members to workers and their families to government officials.  I am interested in models to get everyone at the table, to find avenues for folks to have a voice that is heard on the Hanford issues that matter to them, to help people understand that we all have a unifying goal: a comprehensive and safe cleanup.

Away from Hanford, my other interests include playing the harmonica, making hot sauce, reading about politics, playing basketball (I’m 5″3′ tall!), and traveling anywhere.

To connect with J.J. Stein or another mentor, please click here.

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