I came to the Nuclear Safety Division of the Oregon Department of Energy from a Doctor of Philosophy program at the University of Montana.  My dissertation work delved into the detection and modeling of complex sediment architecture found in high energy braided rivers.  I entered the graduate program after teaching geosciences in the environmental sciences program for five years at Salish Kootenai College on the Flathead Reservation in northwestern Montana.  Prior to teaching, I had a 25-year career as a mine geologist and mineral exploration geologist for a number of major mining companies, which took me around the world including Arizona, Canada, Mexico and Central America, western South America, many places in Asia, and Australia. Between mining jobs I also worked as a surface water hydrologist for an experimental forest in Idaho and as a Hydrogeologist for Sandia at Yucca Mountain.

My work at Hanford gives me the opportunity to “pay ahead” with my wide experience base and extensive training about the geologic, about aqueous chemistry, rivers, and how it all works together. My participation provides an opportunity to do all that I can to protect down-winders and down river populations from the hazards that can come from improper Hanford cleanup.  With my training and love of rivers, I feel particularly compelled to act to protect groundwater and the Columbia River in my work.

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