Becky Rubenstrunk

I became involved at Hanford due to my graduate thesis research on nuclear waste storage activism at Hanford (and at a site in Canada). I felt strongly about the issues, brought speakers to OSU, and eventually applied successfully to be a member of the HAB. I am the alternate for Oregon’s public at large seat. I’ve also worked with the Oregon Department of Energy to strengthen their Hanford engagement efforts.

I find the problem, and I do believe it is a problem, of nuclear waste compelling in its own right. However, there is an incredible history at Hanford that makes all of the cleanup issues so much more complex than in other nuclear waste contexts. The long-term nature of the problem, need for transparency and collaboration, and evolving scientific landscape all making working on Hanford very interesting– if not a touch confusing!

There are so many individuals who have been involved at Hanford for decades, so my knowledge pales in comparison. As a relative newcomer, I am eager to help in any way I can and am comfortable sharing my views, helping direct people to great resources, and helping plan outreach events. I think that if I have something unique to offer, it is a Millenial’s perspective on Hanford.

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