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The Inheriting Hanford mentorship community is made up of talented and experienced individuals who are excited to talk with you about Hanford issues, can help you navigate the complicated world of nuclear cleanup, and are learning about Hanford through mentorship.  Connecting with an Inheriting Hanford mentor can mean anything from an email or phone call to a weekly cup of coffee or a beer, to having a companion at public meetings to discuss what is happening.  You can meet as a group or one-on-one.  Our emphasis is on learning through community and creating fun and engaging opportunities to make connections and gain knowledge.

Inheriting Hanford’s mentorship community is categorized geographically (Tri-Cities, Seattle, Spokane, and Portland).  Please click below to explore potential mentors and other young people looking to connect and talk about Hanford.  Complete this form and we will help you make the mentorship connections that work best for you.  Please contact mentorship[at] with any questions.




               Emily Turk

  Meredith Holladay, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility 

   Bob Masterson, writer









     Max Power    


[coming soon]


To get involved in this free mentorship community please click here.

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