Top 10 books on Hanford – Week 7


‘Atomic Harvest’ is the next on the list. This is a great book for everyone who wants to know more about Hanford.


Author: Michael D’Antonio

Originally published: 1993

In Atomic Harvest Michael D’Antonio tells the story of the “Hanford Site,” where the plutonium for the Trinity and Nagasaki bombs was made and where a large share of America’s plutonium for bombs continued to be produced for decades. As an attractive device, he follows the evolution of thinking and actions by a prime set of actual characters: Tom Baillie, a farmer who lived and worked close by; Karen Dorn Steele, an earnest reporter for the Spokane Spokesman-Review; Casey Rund, a harassed safety auditor at the Hanford Works; and Paul Lorenzini and Michael Lawrence of the management side of the Hanford Works. Numerous other interesting characters fit into this story along the way. The result is a most readable, engaging book, clearly written. It is all done with grace and without demonizing any of the characters in the story, friend or foe.


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