How about some fun Hanford reading in 2019?


Over the next 10 weeks we will be sharing the top 10 books on Hanford that you can add to your reading list this year.

Here’s the first one from the list – ‘The Fifth Risk’ by Michael Lewis. He has published many New York Times bestselling books on various subjects. His most recent works are The Fifth RiskThe Undoing ProjectFlash Boys, and The Big Short.


Author: Michael Lewis

Published: 2018

The Fifth Risk is a 2018 political book. Review from the Washington Post – “It is a love letter to underappreciated people and old-fashioned notions, and to underappreciated people holding fast to old-fashioned notions. With Trump-era politics turning Washington into Crazytown, Lewis has written a countercultural, almost subversive, book: one that praises the intellectual curiosity, dedication, foresight and sense of mission he finds among America’s federal workers.” Well, we think ‘The Fifth Risk’ is a great book and the author was able to tell an important and timely story, one that all of us who pay for, care about, and want government to work should hear.

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