February Seattle Discussion Group report

The Seattle discussion group met for our monthly meetup on Wednesday, February 29th.  We  were thrilled to have acclaimed poet Kathleen Flenniken read  from her new book Plume.

Below are links to topics and materials that came up during the course of our conversations based loosely around the theme of courage and Hanford.

Books and Resources Referenced in Discussion:

Participants talked about Anthropology Professor, Holly Barker’s 2/24 talk on the Marshall Islands and her work there.  Some of her books were referenced.  Here they are:

The UW Bikini Island Bombing films can be found on YouTube:

We talked about the Documentary Film Arid Lands, filmed and produced by two Geography students about Hanford and the Tri-Cities.  It is difficult to find copies of the film unless you order from Sidelong’s site.  If people are interested I have a copy and can show it at my house sometime.

Kathleen Flenniken read poems from her new book Plume. Check out her YouTube videohere.

We referenced the film Atomic Café which apparently is the most-viewed documentary film in high-schools in the US.

We discussed Michele Gerber’s book On the Home Front: The Cold War Legacy of the Hanford Nuclear Sitean excellent resource on the history of Hanford.

We talked about the work of environmental scientist Marco Kaltofen identifying hot particles. You can listen to an interview with Marco here. You can see the slides from his presentation to the American Public Health Association here.

We also referenced a map looking at Hanford’s global connections.  Check out the “Hanford Reach” Interactive Map here.

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