October 2015: Funding for this project has been cut. We are currently looking for funding to restore this project and revamp the website.

Hanford’s most challenging cleanup decisions will be made and executed in the coming years.  The process of assessing, recommending and implementing paths forward on decisions such as tank closure, groundwater cleanup and long-term site monitoring will be inherited by younger generations.  We need a sustained and knowledgeable presence at Hanford for the long haul.  Inheriting Hanford aims to make this a reality.

Inheriting Hanford seeks to expand the community of people involved in the cleanup process by providing opportunities, access, and resources to those who want to participate but aren’t sure where to start.  Based on the idea that one -on -one connections make for stronger, more well-informed, and sustained involvement, Inheriting Hanford connects people to people—matching individuals new to Hanford issues with “mentors” well-versed in cleanup issues.  Inheriting Hanford mentors range from federal and state employees working on the cleanup project to dedicated community members who care about the future of the site.  We’d love to meet with you over a phone call or coffee or a beer to talk about everything Hanford!

Hanford is complex.  It takes a long time to master basic information about the nuclear cleanup site.  Most people need help navigating Hanford’s issues, and find value in getting questions answered from different perspectives in order to become skilled participants.

If you’d like to be more involved with the Hanford community, you’ve come to the right place.  If you stumbled here and are looking for information, we’ll get you started and tell you where to go. Join the mentorship community!